Below you will find all frequently asked questions and answers regarding Animalsexhost’s bestiality shop. Please read it  carefully before contacting us for help.

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Will purchased dvd's be shipped to my address?

No. Due to privacy reasons and country related legal issues we only offer downloadable content. This means that once you have purchased a video, you will receive a download link by email which you can use to download the video to your own computer.

Are there limitations on what i can do with my purchased videos?

Yes. Purchased videos can be used for personal usage only. It is strictly forbidden to share our content on other websites, forums and/or social media.

Duplicating our content (for commercial purposes) is strictly prohibitted.

In case of violations we will take all neccesairy (legal) actions to protect our brand(s) and copyright(s).

Why and when do i receive a free gift and/or discount?

To show our appreciation to our loyal members we reward them with free gifts. Free gifts can be free porn dvd’s from a certain category and/or huge discounts on your purchases.

The amount of gifts/discount you will get/receive will depend on the amount of dvd’s you order and/or have ordered in the past.

To keep it simple: the more dvd’s you buy the more gift and discount offer you get.

My download link doesnt work. What can i do?

If you are not able to download your purchased video you can take below steps:

  • Copy the link from the email and paste it into another browser (internet explorer, google chrome, firefox). This way you can see if the error is caused due to a browser problem.
  • Make sure your internet connection works properly. Most video files are large and need a stable internet connection to be download fully
  • If the above doesnt work try to download the movie from other computer.

If all above solutions dont work you can contact us through the helpdesk.

Do i need to supply my personal information or can i stay anonymous?

Although we do not ask for any personal information it can be possible that you need to supply some personal information when you make a purchase in our shop. This will depend on the payment method you choose. For example; if you pay with your creditcard we need some information to avoid fraud.

If you want to be fully anonymous we advice you to use bitcoin as a payment method.

My problem still isnt solved. What can i do?

Please create a ticket at our helpdesk. Keep in mind that your timezone can be different from ours, which can sometimes cause a small delay, but we always try to reply within 24 hours.